Project Memo

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The Project Memo is part of the Major Project assignment sequence.


  • March 4, 10:00 PM

General Assignment

In preparation for your conference presentation, you will need to select both a conference to which you will be presenting — again, for the purposes of the Major Project we are pretending that you are going to present at a conference — and the topic for your conference paper and presentation. The topic may be within your major or outside your usual area of interest. It should, however, be a topic that is of interest to you, and one that can be researched by you using resources here at Winthrop within the timeframe of the assignment.

For this assignment, you will write a one-page memorandum in which you inform your audience, which is me, of both your proposed conference and your proposed topic. At this point, you are not committing yourself to a topic, format, and conference venue but signaling an interest in a particular topic, format, and venue. As part of the Major Project assignment sequence you will write a formal proposal for your project, due March 13, in which you will commit yourself to a topic, format, and venue.


Write a one-page, business-style memo, informing your reader of the proposed conference and proposed topic for your Major Project assignment. Your memo should have the following elements:

  • A proper memo heading, including the DATE, TO, FROM, and SUBJECT heading fields. The memo should be addressed to me (John Walter), and “Memo” or “Memorandum” should appear in large letters across the top of the page.
  • Identify the conference at which you think you would like to present your paper and its general presentation guidelines for an oral presentation.
  • Identify the topic of your proposed paper and the kind of paper you think you would like to propose (primary research, secondary research, review of the literature, lay article—see the Major Project Overview for more information).
  • Discuss why you believe this is a feasible topic given the timeframe and resources available to you at Winthrop.

Instructor-review Draft

Please submit your memo as an attachment via the Assignments tool in Blackboard.


This assignment is derived from assignments created by Dr. Madeleine Sorapure for a Spring 2003 Writing for Science and Technology course taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara.