Job Application Package

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Feb. 22, 10:00 PM

Please submit your Job Application Package as an attachment via Blackboard.

General Assignment

For this assignment, you will identify an advertised job, internship, fellowship, or similar position in your field, and you respond to that ad by preparing three documents:

  1. an analysis of the position,
  2. a rèsumè or CV targeted to this position, and
  3. a cover letter targeted to this position.

Contents of Your Packet

Description and analysis of the position

Because it is essential that you understand the position to which you are applying, analyzing the specific requirements of the position will help you tailor your rèsumè and cover letter. To this end, in one paragraph, provide a description of the position and the organization or company that is offering the position. In another paragraph or two, offer an analysis of the position, focusing on what professional and personal qualities and skills you believe would be valued in an applicant.

Keep in mind that your analysis needs to be based in the available evidence, in this case the position description itself, as well as any relevant information you might have about the organization or company.

Rèsumè or CV

Your rèsumè should include contact information and relevant details of your educational training, professional training, special accomplishments, and skills. While you should follow the format of a standard rèsumè, you should also try also to tailor your rèsumè’s information and presentation to suit the position to which you are applying. The goal here is to show that you are qualified for this particular job or internship.

While the format of your rèsumè may be traditional or innovative, the information in your rèsumè needs to be readily accessible and organized in a way that highlights the items most important to the prospective employer. If you are applying for an academic position, use a CV; otherwise use a rèsumè.

Cover letter

The cover letter is often the first thing a prospective employer looks at when reviewing an application, and it is frequently the document that makes the strongest impression. If a reader is not impressed by your cover letter, they are not likely to read through the rest of your packet.

In general, the opening of your letter should establish why you are writing to your reader, and the body of the letter develops your major qualifications for the position, supported by specific evidence. To this end, your cover letter should highlight and draw attention to specific details found within your rèsumè.


This assignment is slightly adapted from an assignment used by Dr. Madeleine Sorapure of the University of California, Santa Barbara.