Weekly Reflections

Download Weekly Reflection assignment (.pdf)


  • 10:00 PM Tuesdays, starting Week 2.

General Assignment

During Weeks 2-14 (Jan. 19-April 25, not including Spring Break), you will use the Blackboard blog tool to reflect on the week past and set goals for the week ahead. These Weekly Reflection posts will play a key role in your final Reflection assignment at the end of the term. The purpose of these weekly reflections is to help you take stock of your work for and engagement with the course, help you set and work towards goals during the course, and help you manage the workload of the course.

General Requirements

Keeping in mind that this is a 500-level writing-intensive course, weekly reflections should be thoughtful and make direct reference to specific activities and issues with which you have engaged in the past week. Each weekly post should be roughly 250-300 words, which is roughly one double-spaced typed page. Before beginning a Weekly Reflection, you should review the schedules for the week past and the week forthcoming as well as the goals you had set for yourself for the week prior.

To receive full credit, a Weekly Reflection should:

  • Identify the goals you had for the week and where you stand in terms of those goals,
  • Summarize the readings, activities, projects, and issues with which you engaged during the week, noting anything that you particularly liked, learned from, found helpful, or with which you are struggling, don’t understand, or otherwise want additional help.
  • Identify a short list of goals to work on over the next week.

A note regarding goals: The practice of setting goals serves two purposes: While it helps us pragmatically review and prioritize the tasks at hand, it also serves as a practice of aspirational intention. If you find yourself easily meeting your goals for each week, you might consider aiming higher and pushing yourself a bit more. Likewise, if you find yourself unable to meet the goals you set for yourself, you should take stock of why you’re not meeting those goals. It might be that you are asking too much of yourself, or that you aren’t prioritizing your work as well as you should, or it might mean that you aren’t spending as much time on your work as you need to do.


Acceptable Weekly Reflection posts will receive full credit. Partial credit might be assigned to posts that fail to fully engage the assignment.