Participation Posts

Download Participation Posts assignment (.pdf)


Ongoing, at least three posts per week.

  • Initial posts should be made no later than 10:00 PM each Saturday.
  • Response posts should be made no later than 10:00 PM the following Monday.
  • During weeks in which we have peer review, peer review responses will count as one of your participation posts for that week.

General Assignment

During Weeks 1-14 (Jan. 12-April 25, not including Spring Break), you will be expected to make three (3) weekly posts in the appropriate week channel in our class Slack space. These posts are intended to take the place of in-class discussion. For the purposes of our course, they also represent your attendance in our class. (For more information on this, please see the “Attendance Policy and Participation” in the Course Policies section of the syllabus.)

Within Slack there is a channel for each week’s participation discussions. (For instance, Week 1’s channel is named “week-01-participation.”) To fulfill your Participation course requirement you will want to check in with the course Slack space at least a few times a week, read through the ongoing discussion, and contribute to that discussion. Some of your participation posts will be made to initiate conversation and others will continue conversations started by others.

General Requirements

Keeping in mind that this is a 500-level writing-intensive course, all thee weekly posts need to be thoughtful and make direct reference to the reading(s), showing evidence that you are engaging critically with the material. This does not mean, however, that you must have fully formed opinions. In fact, I encourage you to make provisional statements, to focus on areas of difficulty, and to pose questions intended to prompt further discussion.

To receive full credit, you must:

  • Make three (3) full posts per week,
  • Posts should:
  • Be between 100-250 words,
  • Make direct reference to the reading(s), including citing pages,
  • Show insight and engagement with our course content (this can be in the form of contextualizing or framing a question if you’re trying to start a conversation about what something means),
  • Allow room for others to respond as part of a conversation when appropriate,
  • Encouraged: Bring in (link to) additional resources. If you find a reading or a video or something else that related to the week’s texts, assignments, and/or activities, you can create a post that explores the connections between what you’ve found and what we’re doing that week.
  • Encouraged: At least once during the term, try your hand at creating a non-alphabetic written response. That is, a post that relies primarily upon something other a written response organized in paragraphs. Such a post can be as simple as making an audio or video recording of you reading a written response, or it might be more complex such as a video you compose by bringing in your own words, images, video clips, audio clips, etc., or a digital animation, or an infographic, or some other creative use of the tools and platforms we are exploring this semester.


Acceptable participation posts will receive full credit. Partial credit might be assigned to posts that fail to fully engage the assignment.

While consistently posting three (3) posts per week for 14 weeks will result in 42 posts, I am requiring a total of 36 posts throughout the semester in order to receive full credit for this assignment with the caveat that you must post at least once per week to be counted as present during that week.

As per the syllabus, failure to make at least one post during any three weeks of the course (not including the Week 14) will result in a grade of N if the student withdraws from the course before the withdrawal deadline; after that date, unless warranted by documented extenuating circumstances as described in the Withdrawal from Courses section of the Student Handbook, a grade of F or U shall be assigned.