Project Conference Paper

Download the Project Conference Paper assignment (.pdf)

The Project Conference Paper assignment is part of the Major Project assignment sequence.


  • Peer-review draft: April 11, 10:00 PM
  • Peer review: April 15, 10:00 PM
  • Instructor-review draft:
    • To ensure comments for revision: April 20, 10:00 PM
    • Otherwise: April 22, 10:00 PM

Assignment Overview

As part of the Major Project assignment sequence, the purpose of this assignment is to prepare the paper upon which your conference presentation will be based. As explained in the Major Project Overview, your paper should take one of four forms:

  • Primary research paper: Author gathers data and conducts experiments to confirm or disprove a hypothesis. The classic IMRAD model.
  • Secondary research paper: Author gathers research and data from the work of others, then reinterprets to confirm or disprove a hypothesis. Old data may be interpreted in light of new findings and/or using new analytical methods.
  • Review of Literature: Author summarizes and discusses the most important publications within a sub-discipline. Competing theories are discussed and trends noted.
  • Lay article: An expert realm of a discipline or sub-discipline is interpreted for a lay audience. Complex concepts are broken down and explained through a review of important developments, examples, and interpretation.


Your conference paper should be at least five pages in length, including diagrams, charts, and other graphical elements. This paper is not your reading script but a report upon which your presentation will be based. It should include a proper heading, with title, author’s name, institutional affiliation (Winthrop University), keywords, and abstract. Likewise, your paper should conform to any particular format, content, and/or structure specified by your target conference.

Peer-review Draft

Your peer-review draft should be a complete, revised, and edited draft of your project.

Please submit your peer-review draft via Blackboard using the File Exchange tool to within your assigned Critical Analysis of Science Peer-review Group.

Instructor-review Draft

Please submit your Major Project Conference Paper as an attachment via the Assignments tool in Blackboard.