Project Annotated Bibliography

Download the Project Annotated Bibliography assignment (.pdf)

The Project Annotated Bibliography is part of the Major Project assignment sequence.


  • April 5, 10:00 PM

General Assignment

As part of your Major Project, you will create an evaluative annotated bibliography that explores your chosen topic and issues related to it. This annotated bibliography must contain between eight (8) and twelve (12) source articles that you read, annotate, cite, and evaluate for their usefulness.

Your annotated bibliography should follow the format listed below.



Drawing from your chosen source articles and other work on your project, your annotated bibliography should be prefaced by an introduction that situates your project and provides the necessary background for an undergraduate such as yourself to understand your annotated entries.


Each entry should contain the full bibliographic information, and the entries should be organized either alphabetically by author or chronologically by date. Each entry should be between 100-250 words and should do the following:

  • Summarize the article,
  • Relate the article to the other articles in your bibliography, and
  • Evaluate it for its usefulness to your project.

Instructor-review Draft

Please submit your annotated bibliography as an attachment via the Assignments tool in Blackboard.