Week 8 (March 1 – March 7)



  • Read, listen, and view to lectures as they are posted throughout the week.
  • Complete weekly Participation Post assignments.
    • One Initiating post should respond to the Bazerman readings. Identify and briefly describe five key ideas.
    • One Initiating post should discuss one or more specific issues that you are dealing with in your Critical Analysis of Science assignment. For instance, you might discuss the kinds of arguments that you’re finding in your text, why you believe the genre conventions dictate the structure that they do, specific rhetorical appeals you wish to highlight, or how the text conforms to the requirements of its CFP/RFP.
    • One Responding post should respond to one of your classmates’ posts.
  • Finish the Project Memo assignment. Due: March 4, 10:00 PM.
  • Continue working on the Critical Analysis of Science assignment. Due: Peer-review draft, Mon., March 10, 10:00 PM.
  • Review the Project Proposal Assignment. Due:March 11, 10:00 PM.
  • Complete Week 8 Reflection assignment. Due: Tues., March 1, 10:00 PM.
  • Start work on Week 9 Reflection assignment. Due: Tues., March 8, 10:00 PM.


  • Paradis, James G., and Muriel L. Zimmerman. The MIT Guide to Science and Engineering Communication. 2nd ed. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2002. (Required textbook)
    • Ch. 13: “Reports,” pp. 193-218.
    • Ch. 14: “Journal Articles,” pp. 219-235
  • Bazerman, Charles.  A Rhetoric of Literate Action: Literate Action, Vol. 1. Fort Collins:TheWAC Clearinghouse. (Required textbook, available for free download)
    • Ch. 4: “The World of Texts: Intertextuality,” pp. 59-64.
    • Ch. 5: “Changing the Landscape: Kairos, Social Facts, and Speech Acts,” pp. 65-75.