Solving Problems in TC, Ch. 1: Boundaries, Artifacts, and Identities

In chapter 1 of Solving Problems in Technical Communication, Richard Selfe and Cynthia Selfe explore technical communication through the heuristic question: “What Are the Boundaries, Artifacts, and Identities of Technical Communication.” As with all the chapters in this anthology, this chapter is divided into seven sections: a chapter summary followed by an introduction, a review […]

Lecture: Solving Problems, Introdution

Solving Problems in Technical Communication, Introduction In their introduction to Solving Problems in Technical Communication, Johndan Johnson-Eilola and Stuart A. Selber introduce technical communication as a “problem-solving activity” and technical communicators as “problem solvers”(3), and explain that the anthology and each of the chapters within it explore technical communication from the perspective of “understanding and […]

Lecture: Technical Communication Strategies: Ch. 1

Note: Unless I hear otherwise I will assume you understand the readings from Technical Communication Strategies for Today. Therefore, lectures on readings from the book will tend to be short, focusing on specifics I want to highlight. Just because I don’t address something doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. If you have any questions or need further elaboration on anything about […]

Welcome to WRIT 366

Welcome to the course site for WRIT 366: Technical Communication (Spring 2016) at Winthrop University. As you get started, I suggest you read the introduction to get a sense of what we’ll be about this semester. After that, I’d suggest looking at the requirements and the policies for the course. After that, you might want to […]