Technical Communication Report

Download the Technical Communication Report assignment guidelines (.pdf)

This is part of the Technical Communication Report Project assignment sequence.


  • Peer-review draft: April 15, 10:00 PM
  • Peer review feedback: April 19, 10:00 PM
  • Instructor-review draft: April 25, 10:00 PM

Assignment Overview

As part of the Technical Communication Report Project, the purpose of this assignment is to prepare an analytical research report on your chosen subject and explain its importance to technical communication for an audience of undergraduates with an interest in technical communication.


The format of your report will roughly correspond to that of the general format of the analytical report as described in Technical Communication Strategies for Today, ch. 10 (particularly pp. 262-263, 277-288, and 290-294).

Front Matter

Memo of Transmittal

As this is an internal document (i.e., the communication is within an organization), it should be in the form of a formal memo rather than a letter. As with all memos or letters of transmittal, it should identify the why the document it accompanies is being sent (in this case that it is being submitted to fulfill the TCRP Report assignment) and it should give a brief overview of the contents of the report. For an example of a letter of transmittal — the body of which is fairly similar to that of a memo of transmittal — see Technical Communication Strategies for Today, Figure 5.1 (page 95).

Cover Page

By now you should have a standard cover page that you have used for early deliverables within this assignment sequence. You should continue to use that design, making the necessary changes such as the document title and the date.


Your abstract should be a paragraph-long summary of your report. For specific guidelines as to how an abstract should be written, see Technical Communication Strategies for Today, pp. 291-93.

Table of Contents

You will want to include a table of contents for your proposal. For the purposes of this assignment you only need to identify first-level headings (i.e., sections) of your proposal.

List of Figures and Tables

If you include any figures or tables in your proposal, including any work schedules, please list them.

Body of the Report

The body of your report should contain the following sections, each clearly marked through the use of headings and subheadings.While the sections of your report will differ somewhat from the chapters in Solving Problems in Technical Communication, use the structure and sections of those chapters as a model. For a reminder, see pp. 11-13 for a discussion of how each chapter in that book is organized.

  • Introduction: Introduce your topic, including a brief definition of what your subject is for readers who may not know.
  • Literature Review: Provide a literature review that identifies and describes key issues and terms related to your subject and its importance to technical communication.
  • Discussion: Building from your literature review and your research, discuss your subject and its importance to technical communication. As part of your discussion, offer a few short examples, one of which you will describe in more detail in the next section.
  • Extended Example: Offer an extended example of how your subject is important to technical communication.
  • Conclusion: Provide a conclusion.

Back Matter

Works Cited

Please provide a works cited.


If you have any appendixes you wish to provide, please include them here.

Glossary of Terms

While you are in no way required to include a glossary, if you want to include one, please place it here.

Peer-review Draft

Your peer-review draft should be a complete, revised, and edited draft of your project.

Please submit your peer-review draft via Blackboard using the File Exchange tool to within your assigned Technical Communication Report Peer-review Group.

Instructor-review Draft

Please submit your Technical Communication Report as an attachment via the Assignments tool in Blackboard.