TCRP Proposal

Download the TCRP Proposal assignment guidelines (.pdf)

The Technical Communication Report Project Proposal is part of the TCRP assignment sequence.


  • March 11, 10:00 PM

General Assignment

As explained in the TCRP Overview, you will undertake a research project in which you investigate a topic within technical communication in order to produce a written report and oral presentation for undergraduates interested in technical communication. This proposal is your first deliverable for this project, and as the lecture on proposals explains, your proposal needs to fulfill three purposes: It needs to be a sales and planning document that persuades your reviewer (me) that your project is one worth undertaking (and that you are qualified to undertake it) and describes your plan for undertaking that work.

Proposal Format

Front Matter

Memo of Transmittal

As this is an internal document (i.e., the communication is within an organization), it should be in the form of a formal memo rather than a letter. As with all memos or letters of transmittal, it should identify the CFP/RFP to which the proposal is responding (in this case that it is being submitted to fulfill the TCRP Proposal assignment) and it should give a brief overview of the contents of the proposal. For an example of a letter of transmittal — the body of which is fairly similar to that of a memo of transmittal — see Technical Communication Strategies for Today, Figure 5.1 (page 95).

Cover Page

Your cover page can be designed however you wish, ideally reflecting what you’ve learned in document and information design. Your cover page should have the following information: a title, your name, and the date. (See Technical Communication Strategies for Today, Figure 10.6 (page 277) for a sample cover. You should use the same cover design across all deliverables within the same project, with of course, changes to the tile, date, etc.

Project Summary

Your project summary should briefly identify the topic of your paper, why this particular subject is of interest to you, a brief summary of what you will be doing for the project (i.e., researching the topic), and the final expected results of the project (i.e., producing a written report and an oral presentation).

Table of Contents

You will want to include a table of contents for your proposal. For the purposes of this assignment you only need to identify first-level headings (i.e., sections) of your proposal.

List of Figures and Tables

If you include any figures or tables in your proposal, including any work schedules, please list them.

Compliance Matrix

Please include a compliance matrix. (See the Front Matter section of the proposal lecture for more information.)

Body of Proposal

Technical Section

In this section of your proposal, I would like you to include the following information:

  • Define your purpose and task for the project. (This will include all the elements of the TCRP assignment sequence.)
  • Identify the problem and its significance (i.e., what’s your topic is and why you are studying it), and your proposed objectives in undertaking the project. (Your objectives will involve producing the final report and presentation for your target audience, and it may include other objectives such as learning about the topic for your own benefit.)
  • Provide a clear statement of the work to be undertaken, including the kinds of research you expect to conduct. (You can include field research (observation, interviews, ethnography, artifact analysis) as well as library research.
  • Explain, briefly, any work already done. For instance, if you’ve started conducting research, such as identifying potential sources or have done some reading/research already, indicate as much and try to place it in relation to where are you in the overall process.

Management Section

In this section of your proposal, I’d like you to include the following information:

  • Identify the principal investigators (most likely just you).
  • Identify where work will be done for the project and the resources that you will use. (This will include library research, so don’t forget to include that!)
  • Provide a breakdown of tasks and a work schedule. Include a basic Gantt chart — a project schedule represented as a bar graph — with your proposal. Gantt charts are commonly used within industry. (See the Gnatt chart post for more information, including links to a tutorial for creating Gantt charts in Excel and an online Gantt chart creator.)
  • Argue for your qualifications to undertake this project. (Note, you are all qualified by virtue of the reasons you are in this class, so look over your resumes and CVs and look over your course work and experiences as students here at Winthrop and identify some key reasons that illustrate your qualifications.)

Back Matter/Appendixes


If you reference or cite anything in your proposal, please include a works referenced or works cited as part of your appendixes.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Please include a copy of your CV or resume.

Instructor-review Draft

Please submit your proposal as an attachment via the Assignments tool in Blackboard.