Below is a summary outline of topics by week plus a list of important dates. Please see each week’s entry for specific information regarding activities, required readings and viewings, etc. This schedule is subject to change. All changes will be announced on the course web site and through other channels of communication.

Important Dates
Week 1 (January 18-24)-Jan. 19: 1st Class: Introductions
- Jan. 21: What is Writing?
Week 2 (January 25-31)- Jan. 26: No class
-Jan. 28: What is Writing?
-Tuesday, Jan. 26: Last day to drop course without penalty.
Week 3 (February 1-7)-Feb. 2: Rhetorical Theory: Intro
-Feb. 4: Rhetorical Theory: Classical
Week 4 (February 8-14)-Feb. 9 : Rhetorical Theory: Classical
-Feb. 11: Rhetorical Theory: Historical
Week 5 (February 15-21)
-Feb. 16: Rhetorical Theory: Historical
-Feb. 18: Rhetorical Theory: Contemporary
Week 6 (February 22-28)-Feb. 23: Rhetorical Theory: Contemporary
-Feb. 25: Rhetorical Theory: Contemporary
-Tuesday, Feb. 22: Rhetorical Theory Investigation Paper peer-review drafts due.
-Friday, Feb. 26: Peer review responses due.
Week 7 (February 29-March 6)-March 1: Group Work (What We Know Projects)
-March 3: Writing: Historiography
-Thursday, March 3: Rhetorical Investigation Paper due
Spring Break (March 7-13)
Week 8 (March 14-20)-March 15: Writing: Memory
-March 17: Writing: Neuroscience
Week 9 (March 21-27)-March 22: Writing-as-Network
-March 24: Writing: Psychology
Week 10 (March 28-April 3)-March 29: Writing: Psychology
-March 31: Writing: Anthropology
Week 11 (April 4-10)-April 5: Writing: Anthropology
-April 7: Work on Texts and Networks Project (No formal class: CCCC)
Week 12 (April 11-17)-April 12: Writing: Communication Studies
-April 14: Writing: Technical Communication
Week 13 (April 18-24)-April 19: Writing: Technical Communication
-April 21: Writing: Composition Studies
Week 14 (April 25-May 1)-April 26: Writing: Composition Studies
-April 28: TBA
Week 15 (May 3)May 3: TBA-Last day of class
Finals (May 4-11)-Monday, May 9, 10:00 PM: Texts and Networks Projects due
-Tuesday, May 10: Course Reflection due.