“What We Know” Project

Download the What We Know Project assignment guidelines (pdf)


  • Presentation Readings: The Thursday (one week) before your presentation date. Please email me pdfs and links.
  • Presentation and activity: Day of your group’s presentation. In-class.
  • Presentation handout: Tuesday (class period) after your presentation. Please post to the Slack #presentation_handouts channel.
  • Presentation Infographic: The Thursday (one week) after your presentation. Please post to the Slack #presentation_handouts channel.
  • Individual Reflections: The Thursday (one week) after your presentation. Please submit via the assignment tool in Blackboard.

General Assignment

In Weeks 9 – 14, we will look at the ways in which different fields study writing. Many of our Thursday readings, class discussions, and in-class activities will be lead by a different student team. Each team will be responsible for four tasks and deliverables, and each team member will be responsible for an individual reflection. Due dates for these materials are determined by the schedule..

Team topics and presentation dates

  • Psychology (March 24)
  • Anthropology (March 31)
  • Technical Communication (April 14)
  • Composition Studies (April 21)

Tasks and Deliverables

Each team is responsible for four team tasks and deliverables (readings, presentation and activity, handout, and infographic), and each member is responsible for a fifth item (individual reflection).

  • Presentation Readings: No later than one week before your scheduled presentation, please give me hard copies, pdfs, or links to two (2) readings to be presented the week we focus on your team’s discipline — your team will help to lead the discussion of these articles. One reading must be academic, but the other may be non-academic (a piece from The Atlantic Monthly, Medium, Vox etc., or a TED talk, for instance).
  • Presentation and activity: Your team will typically present your two (2) readings on a Thursday (the first day of the 2 classes devoted to your discipline or field), and I will connect your presentations to our followup reading and discussion on the second day. In addition to leading discussion on the readings, your team should also come up with an activity that will help the class to understand or practice what we have learned about how these different disciplines think about and research “writing.”
  • Presentation handout: By the Tuesday after your presentation, please post to the Slack #presentation_handouts channel a 1-2 page handout that provides a summary of the key findings about writing from each disciplinary perspective (1 handout per team).
  • Presentation Infographic: By the Thursday (one week) after your presentation, please turn your handout into an infographic using piktochart.com or similar tool, and post the inforgraphic to the Slack #presentation_handouts channel (1 infographic per team). For examples of rhetoric and composition related infographics, see Nathaniel Rivers’s Thinker/Thought series.
  • Individual Reflections: By the Thursday (one week) after your presentation, each member of the team should individually write and submit via Blackboard a 1-2 page reflection report that addresses the following:
    • How well do you think the project went?
    • What was your role in the team?
    • What worked particularly well?
    • What did not work well?