Week 13: April 19


  • Reading posts for April 19. Due: 12:00 PM. Please post to the appropriate Slack channel.
    • One post should be framed as a question and one post should be framed as a comment.


  • Topic: Writing: Technical Communication
  • Texts to discuss
    • What is Technical Communications?” TechWhirl. (Online reading)
    • Miller, Carolyn R. “A Humanistic Rationale for Technical Writing.” College English 40.6 (Feb. 1979): 610-617.
    • Rude, Carolyn D. “Mapping the Research Questions in Technical Communication.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 23.2 (2009): 174-215.

Homework, to do for April 21

Homework, to read for April 21

  • Poe, Edgar A. “The Philosophy of Composition.” Graham’s Magazine 28.4 (1846): 163-167. Rpt. Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore. 2011. (Online reading)
  • Sommers Nancy. “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers.” CCC 31.4 (1980): 378-88. (PDF available in Blackboard)