Course Goals

Through this course, you will gain an understanding of rhetorical history and theory, including

  • key concepts in ancient and contemporary rhetorics
  • changes in approaches to rhetoric across historical time periods
  • cultural influences on rhetorical practice
  • contemporary applications of critical rhetorical theories

You will also develop strategies for completing an advanced writing project, including strategies for

  • analyzing a complex rhetorical situation
  • choosing appropriate genres, approaches, and media
  • planning and completing an independent writing project
  • drafting, revising, mediating, editing, and publishing/sharing a writing project

Discovery of Scholarship (Students as Scholars) Learning Outcomes

This course is designated a “Discovery of Scholarship” course, which provides an introduction to the scholarship of the varied fields that constitute “Writing Studies.” The learning outcomes for all DS courses are that students will:

  • Understand how knowledge is generated and disseminated through scholarship, and the importance of scholarship to society AND
  • Learn how they engage in the practice of scholarship, by introducing them to: