Course Catalog Description

Introduces students to advanced strategies for writing academic, professional, and civic documents. Develops expository, persuasive, organizational, and stylistic skills through analysis of rhetorical situations and understanding of the features and approaches of successful writing. Students develop a significant informational or argumentative writing project related to their major field, profession, or area of interest. Prerequisites: ENGL 302/ENGH 302 is recommended.

Course Introduction

English 380 provides an introduction to theories and strategies relevant to advanced study in rhetoric and writing. The course provides a foundation in the history and principles of written rhetoric, argumentation, genre theory, academic and workplace writing, new media theory, and project development. Students will be introduced to some of the key figures an principles in rhetoric and writing studies, from the ideas of Greek, Medieval, and Renaissance scholars through 19th-century rhetorical theory to contemporary concerns about feminist, multicultural, and multimedia rhetoric. Students will link theories directly to practice through a series of writing projects, working both independently and collaboratively.