Week 7: Tuesday, March 1


  • Topic: What We Know Project Group Work

Homework, to do for March 3

  • Reading posts for March 3. Due: 12:00 PM. Please post to the appropriate Slack channel.
    • One post should be framed as a question and one post should be framed as a comment.
  • Finish the instuctor-review draft revision of the Rhetorical Investigation assignment.
    • Instructor-review draft due: 10:00 PM, March 3.
  • What We Know” assignment.

Homework, to read for March 3

  • Stock, Brian. Selections from Listening for the Text: On the Uses of the Past. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, 1990. (PDF in Blackboard)
    • “Introduction: Orality, Literacy, and the Sense of the Past.” pp. 1-15. (Read pp. 1-11.)
    • Ch. 1: “History, Literature, Textuality.”  16-29.
  • Ballif, Michelle. “Historiography as Hauntology: Paranormal Investigations into the History of Rhetoric.” Theorizing Histories of Rhetoric. Ed. Michele Ballif. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois UP, 2013. 139-153. (PDF in Blackboard)