19 April Daily Agenda

  1. General questions.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Starting April 19, my office will be in Enterprise 321.
    2. Naylor for Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies. September 9-11, 2016.
      • The Naylor workshop is designed to help undergraduates plan out a research agenda in writing studies. Note: They pay for the student’s lodging, and either they and/or our Mason’s OSCAR office will support your travel up to PA. Proposals are due May 31. For more information, please see their website.
  3. Discuss anthropology and writing readings:
    • What is Technical Communications?” TechWhirl. (Online reading)
    • Miller, Carolyn R. “A Humanistic Rationale for Technical Writing.” College English 40.6 (Feb. 1979): 610-617.
    • Rude, Carolyn D. “Mapping the Research Questions in Technical Communication.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 23.2 (2009): 174-215.
  4. Additional Resources