Feb. 4 Daily Agenda

General questions. Preview the “What We Know” Team Project. Likely work in small groups with each person working with just one team. Review the assignment for next class (Feb. 9). We’ll set aside some time to establish teams. Rhetorical Reading vs. Reading Rhetorically Group work:  Break into groups and discuss the Crowley and Hawhee reading. Class […]

Feb. 2 Daily Agenda

General questions. Questions about the Rhetorical Investigation assignment. Group work: Finish work from Jan. 28 (readings: Coulmas, Emig, Ong, or Lundsford). Post findings to the Jan. 28 Slack channel. Group work:  Break into groups based upon the three readings (Kennedy, Fleming, Hauser), and identify key issues from your groups’ reading.Think about the reading as situated from within the […]