A Few Announcements

As announced in class yesterday (3/22), the Synthesis Project listed in the original syllabus has been replaced by the Texts and Networks Project, which we previewed in class. You should choose your text and start working on the project during this next week. I’d suggest working through the questions for one citation as by April 10 or […]

Schedule Changes and Office Hours

To reflect the revised semester schedule, I have updated the online course schedule, including when our final project is due. (Note: we will no longer be meeting during finals week.) Individual daily schedules are still forthcoming. As part of the schedule change, I’ve made some changes to the topics we’ll be covering this semester, which […]

Tour of Course Website and Slack

A video overview of the course website and course Slack sites.

Welcome to ENGH 380

Welcome to the course site for ENGH 380: Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric (Spring 2016) at George Mason University. As you get started, I suggest you read the introduction to get a sense of what we’ll be about this semester. After that, I’d suggest looking at the requirements and the policies for the course. After that, you […]